tournament info


> playing schedule – results


  • 08:30 -10:30 breakfast – Italian style – with nutella rolls, coffee, tea, juice
  • 09:00 start of games in gym A, B – 12:30 start of games in gym C
  • 22:00 Party at Tante Käthe – Bernauer Str. 63-64, 13355 Berlin


  • 08:30 -10:30 breakfast
  • 09:30 start of the games in Gym A,B,C
  • 14:10 women’s final – 14:45 open final – 15:30 ceremony all in gym B


  • the gym Max-Schmeling-Halle is at Falkplatz 1, 10437 Berlin
    entrance to Gym A and B is on the right side of the building, to Gym C on the left side
    buffet is upstairs at the end of the hallway at Gym A,B
  • Party is close to the gym at Tante Käthe – Bernauer Str. 63-63, 13355 Berlin

facts to know

  • parking around the gym is NOT for free!
    It’s for free on the west-side of Mauerpark at Graunstraße, 13355 Berlin-Wedding
  • daily team water is standing at the end of hallway at gym B
  • info, spirit sheets, schedule come with team water
  • NO GLAS allowed in the gyms – try to have only water at the fields
  • keep an eye on your valuables – don’t leave your stuff in the locker rooms
  • take off your walking shoes in the gyms or use the mats

modus, rules

  • continous play – 28 min playing time – no halftime
  • finish point in progress – if score is tied play one point more – no hard-cap
  • one time-out per team for 60 sec. – not in the last 5 min. – time keeps running
  • player substitution at any time – only in substitution zone – slapping hands at the field edge
  • signal a score with raising the disc – next play starts in at middle of the end zone line – pivot of the thrower marks the beginning of play
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